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The Anglophiles Gathering

For England and those who love it.

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Welcome to The Anglophiles LiveJournal group - for those of us who aren't English, but wish we were! Feel free to join and post if you love all things English, or even Welsh, Scottish and Irish, or if you are a resident, or ex-pat of England or the UK. Post about your experiences travelling to England or the UK, living in England or elsewhere in the UK, or your plans for visiting. UK residents, your knowledge of the land will be invaluable to folks planning holidays there!

Listed below are the rules for the group. In summary: be respectful of others, politely disagree, don't post pornographic or hate-related content, and don't SPAM. Most of all - enjoy yourself!

And now, for the more detailed version of the rules:

The rules are few, and simple: No trolling, no flames or insults. You are expected to respect the views and opinions of others, even if you disagree. Opposing opinions are welcomed, provided they are presented in a reasonable, respectful manner. Obvious trolling will not be tolerated. Proselytizing is also not tolerated - we are a diverse group with members of different faiths, or no faith - trying to convert people to your chosen path, or denegrating anyone because of their chosen path will not be tolerated. If you violate the rules, you will be reminded on-list not to exhibit unacceptable behaviour, and we will moderate your posts for a probationary period.

Posts that are obviously 'spam' or are decidedly off-topic to the point of having no bearing on list conversations or themes will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to: Ads for web sites with no connection to group topics or themes (esp. pornographic, dating, weight-loss gimmicks and other general spam fodder). This also includes excessive requests for Anglophiles members to join other groups or discussions - tips about related groups and sites are fine, in moderation. Excessively posting such requests that do not further current conversations or topics can be annoying. If your posts consist solely of requests of this type, and you do not participate in any of the other conversations, you may be removed.

If we conclude that you are unable, or unwilling to moderate your behaviour, you may be banned from the group. We also reserve the right to report your behavior to LiveJournal.

Associations: This livejournal community is associated with the yahoogroup called Anglophiles.